Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summertime and the livin's craaaaazy...

So, here we are.  Less than one week before school starts and I am crawling up the wall, trying not to scream or tear my hair out or beat the kids about the head with a carrot-whiffle-bat.

The deal with Second Son is not working as well as I'd hoped.  He is trying though, so I will keep on going with it and pushing him into trying some more.  He just does not want to grow up, and I want him to really grow up.  He is entering his Sophomore year in high school.  I HOPE HOPE HOPE he will just naturally WANT to stand up and be a proud man and leave his childish things in the past.

The psych has been on vacation, so this is the 3rd week without an appointment, and really, I don't see anything different.  I'm going to recommend going back to every-other week with him.

I'm really upset that I didn't get Boo diagnosed with Asperger's this summer.  I wanted him to get to school with a paper so he could be looked after a bit better.  But I've been talking with him and working with him to show him some of the things he's done in the past that he shouldn't do in the future with his new friends.

As for myself, I'm going off most of my meds.  I think this is the right time and place- though maybe I could have continued until school started- for the sanity of us ALL!!! :P   But I think having them out of my system beforehand will be helpful for me to start off right when school starts.  I have two areas, well three areas that I really want to work on:
1) I want to really get to work on my book.  And this will take a lot of reading and studying FIRST.  I have the books and information I need, I just need to learn it and to KNOW it inside and out.  Kind of like giving myself an advanced course on Ancient Egyptian Gods and Society.  I do not want to create some pansy-la-la book without any facts or depth.
2) I have got to get my house in order.  I have been very apathetic about it when I was on all the meds.  I've been waiting and waiting to replace my carpet with something else, but that hasn't happened- so I've got to clean out the crap, shampoo the damn carpet and then RE-TRAIN the children and dogs.  I'm not looking forward to that part.
and 3) I gotta start taking care of myself.  I have to eat better.  I want to cut out all sugar and fake sugar, and then do WW again.  This includes exercising and just taking better care of myself.  I need to like myself again instead of just being apathetic.

Oh, and I need to be there and take care of those kids that I love so much.  And probably do something with Big Daddy sometimes.  I adore him more than anything else in the world.  Gotta get him on WW too.

So that's my plan.  I'm glad I got this written out and put down somewhere.  Thanks to my one fan for being there to encourage me to keep writing!  *MUAH*